Terra Kulture Welcomes Members of the Harvard Kennedy School

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Welcome to Terra Kulture, where you can experience the vibrant and diverse culture of Africa through art, dance, food, and drinks. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a group of tourist students from Harvard University who were eager to immerse themselves in the richness of African culture. And we’re proud to say that they had a truly unforgettable experience here at Terra Kulture.

From the moment they stepped into our serene environment, the students were enveloped in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Africa. They marveled at the stunning aesthetics, flowers, greenery and furnishing on display in our surrounding, which showcased the talent of some of the continent’s most gifted material designers and sculptors. They learned about the history and meaning behind Terra Kulture, gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of an African art and culture center such as ours.

But it wasn’t just the art that captivated the students – our dance performances were equally mesmerizing. They were treated to a spectacular showcase of traditional African dance, which showcased the vibrancy and energy of the continent’s diverse cultures. The students were even invited to join in the dancing themselves, and they eagerly jumped at the chance to learn new moves and experience the joy of African dance.

Of course, no visit to Terra Kulture would be complete without experiencing the food and drinks that make African cuisine so unique and delicious. Our chefs whipped up a feast of mouth-watering dishes, from jollof rice to suya, all of which were devoured with gusto by the hungry students. And to wash it all down, they sampled some of the continent’s most beloved beverages and palm wine.

Throughout their stay, the students were struck by the warmth and hospitality of our staff, who made them feel right at home. They were impressed by the diversity of our visitors, who came from all over the world and represented a wide range of ethnicities and cultures. And they left Terra Kulture with a deep appreciation for the richness and beauty of African culture.


As the students from Harvard University prepared to depart from Terra Kulture, they reflected on the incredible experience they had here. They had immersed themselves in the richness and diversity of African culture, and had been struck by the warmth and hospitality of the Terra Kulture staff.

But it wasn’t just the art, dance, food, and drinks that had made their time at Terra Kulture so special – they had also enjoyed a lively karaoke session, belting out some of their favorite tunes and laughing together late into the night. And they had captured many amazing pictures that would serve as a lasting reminder of their unforgettable visit.

As they said their goodbyes, the students knew that they would always cherish their memories of Terra Kulture. They had experienced a unique and authentic slice of African culture, and had formed lasting connections with people from all over the world. And they knew that they would carry the spirit of Terra Kulture with them wherever their travels might take them next.


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