Terra Kulture – The value of art work – part 2

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How do you find out if a particular piece of work is valuable? Here are 15 ways through which you can determine value of art.

1. The artist

You should find out the identity of the artist. A popular artist usually means higher value.

2. Certificate of authenticity.

3. Subject.

Napalm, One of political artist Banksy’s famous works.

The subject matter of the painting even plays a factor in how much the painting is worth. Historically, portraits of beautiful women have sold for more money than paintings of men.

4. Condition.

It is important to make sure that you check its condition. You’ll want to check to make sure that there are no rips, tears, or cracks. If there are issues with the painting, this will decrease the value.

5. Provenance.

Napalm, One of political artist Banksy’s famous works.
This tells the history of ownership and timeline of the creation of an art piece. Provenance can help establish an object’s ‘pedigree’.

6. Size

Napalm, One of political artist Banksy’s famous works.
The bigger the art is, the more valuable it usually is. This is down to the perceived increased difficulty in making the work at a higher scale.

7. Technique.

The technique used is also an important indicator that ranks one art over another. The technique used in making a sculpted piece can give it a higher value.

8. Quality.

High quality of materials used in making an artwork, in framing and packaging usually translates into very valuable pieces.

9. The gallery.

Napalm, One of political artist Banksy’s famous works.
The integrity and fame of the gallery where an art is displayed also increases its value

10. The market.

The rest of the art world also determine the value of a particular piece. If an artwork is in high demand in the market it means higher value.

11. Rarity.

Rarity increases demand and adds immense value to an artwork of good quality.

12. Meaning.

What information or emotion is the work trying to communicate? The more significant the meaning is the more value it has.

13. Uniqueness.

Uniqueness makes an artwork one of a kind, thus making it more valuable.

14. Understand the history and significance.

Find out details on the history of the art; previous owners, popularity.

15. Medium.

Napalm, One of political artist Banksy’s famous works.
The type of material that the art was painted on also plays a role. In general, paintings that were done on canvases sell more versus ones done on paper. Paintings also are worth more than a print or even sketches.


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