This body of work explores the mental, social and physical space. To enable us tell the identity story in a wider context, sub-titles such as Human in the Mirror, Searching, Self Pyramid, Pyramids, Identity Crisis, You and Your Dreams, Enlightenment and so on (see attached pictures) each constitutes a set of serial paintings telling the human identity story.
The pertinent question we must ask our self is, Who Are You? The person you are, the one you want to be or the person others and society say you are or force you to be. These paintings invite the viewer to a serious reflection on your true personal experience especially now as we live in a distorted and ideological world today. As the viewer ruminates on this issues guided by the paintings they will come to the realization within the self that there is hope for humanity.

HUMAN IDENTITY SPACE- showing at Terra Kulture from March 19th – 28th 2022. 

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